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2 min read

As the holiday season approaches, there's no better way to infuse warmth and charm into your home than by decorating a rustic Christmas tree with angelic ornament figurines and a celestial tree topper. In this blog post, we'll take you through the steps to create a stunning angelic rustic Christmas tree that will become the centerpiece of your festive decorations.

Let's delve into how to decorate an angelic rustic Christmas tree beautifully.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Tree

Begin with a natural or faux Christmas tree that embodies rustic charm. Ensure your tree is placed in a prominent location so all can enjoy it.

Step 2: Wooden Burlap Angel Ornaments

Let's bring your rustic Christmas tree to life with angel ornament figurines. Whether you opt to purchase these exquisite pieces, like the ones we adore from Adornbly's Handmade Angel Ornaments, or embark on a delightful DIY project to craft your own, your tree will shine with a unique, personal touch that captures the spirit of the season:
• Wooden Heads: Begin with small wooden doll heads, readily available at craft stores.
• Burlap Dresses: For the angel's dresses, cut burlap fabric into strips and fashion them into flowing gowns. Secure the dresses with twine or ribbon at the waist, allowing the fabric to drape gracefully.

Step 3: Placing Your Angels

Carefully place your wooden burlap angel ornament figurines on the tree, ensuring they are evenly distributed. The contrast between the wooden heads, burlap dresses, and rustic branches will create a captivating visual effect.

Step 4: The Heavenly Tree Topper

No angelic Christmas tree is complete without a celestial tree topper. Select an angel tree topper with wooden features and a burlap gown to match your theme. Place it at the pinnacle of your tree, symbolizing the angel's guiding presence.

Step 5: Pinecone Accents and Illumination

Enhance the rustic allure of your tree by adding pinecones throughout the branches. These natural elements will complement the wooden and burlap decorations beautifully. Weave warm, white lights into the tree to create a soft and enchanting glow, evoking a celestial atmosphere.

Step 6: A Burlap Tree Skirt (Optional)

To complete the look, lay a burlap tree skirt beneath your Christmas tree. This natural material will add an extra layer of rustic elegance to your display.

With angel ornament figurines gracing your rustic Christmas tree, a celestial tree topper at its peak, and pinecones scattered throughout, you've created a heavenly holiday centerpiece that exudes warmth and sophistication. This angelic rustic theme captures the season's essence, infusing your home with wonder and serenity.

So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and bask in the beauty of your angelic rustic Christmas tree. Revel in the joy and love it brings to your home during this magical time of year!


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