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About Adornbly

Welcome to Adornbly, the home of angelic ornaments.

The collectible angels handcrafted by Adornbly come to life through the skilled hands of friends and partners who craft them based on the sketches and designs envisioned by the brand's founder, Claudia.

Claudia's inspiration for creating these angels stemmed from her profound love for them since her childhood. She fondly remembers the enchantment of Christmas and how angels played a significant role in making it special. Collecting various angel figurines and placing them around her house turned it into a haven of angelic beauty every holiday season.

Driven by her admiration for angels and her passion for home decoration, Claudia sought to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the aesthetic. Guided by cherished memories and the Christmas spirit, she began sketching delicate angel designs in her notebook. With that vision, Claudia founded Adornbly in 2019, just a few months after the birth of her second baby angel girl.

With the assistance of the Adornbly family, Claudia used soft fabrics, wooden beads, jute, and her creative skills to bring these initial angels to life. As the Adornbly family's creations took shape, it became evident that these angels were more than mere decorations; they were messengers of warmth, spreading blessings of peace and joy to all who welcomed them into their homes.

Adornbly's mission is simple yet profound: to create figurines that remind us of the beauty and wonders of life, and to use or gift them to spread joy and serenity throughout the holiday season and beyond. Adornbly's hope is that our angel figurines bring a touch of Christmas magic to homes, no matter the season.

Love from Claudia and the Adornbly Team!


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